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Gallery Calendar of Exhibitions and Events

Past, Present and Future

March  2016

"An Ancient Land" New Paintings by Liam Jones   view
Liam Jones, born in Ballina, Co. Mayo, held his first solo exhibition in Dublin over 37 years ago. The wild beauty of Mayo and surrounding countryside was a powerful catalyst in moving him into the world of landand seascape painting. There is a wonderful sense of space in Liam’s paintings, a tranquility where nothing is hurried. He moves effortlessly from the small detail to wide panoramas, showing us some iconic images along the Western coastline from Donegal to Kerry. These land and seascapes have a timeless quality, and are beautifully illuminated by the sun peeking through moving clouds, creating dramatic skies.
“I find a wonderful feeling of space, continually shifting light and a timeless spiritual quality in the landscape, all components being an infinite source of ideas for my paintings. As sea recedes the fissured rocks coated in ochre and rust-hued weeds with explosions of yellows, beg the artist to paint thm. I spend months immersed in the landscape, observing the motion of the sea and its low-tide revelations. A divine repetition. I hope I have captured in some small way this spirit that is hidden in the landscape."Liam Jones 2016.

November  2015

November 2015   view
Selection of Artists November 2015

May  2015

Manus Walsh "Horizons" 2015   view
“It is hard to believe that next year I will be forty years living in Ballyvaughan in the heart of the Burren. We arrived, myself, Claire and our three kids, Ciara, Nadine and Cormac (Neil was to follow later, born in Galway). In 1976 we set up a craft workshop and gallery in the centre of Ballyvaughan. During our time there, there were all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of an artist’s life. Through all those years the Burren was, and continues to be, an unending inspiration in my work, which continues to this day. My travels in Spain and Chile have also been a major influence. Highlights being bringing three exhibitions to Valparaiso, (on a wing and a prayer!) and my exhibitions in Malaga over the last few years. This connection with Spain continues to this day, and I am very lucky to be able to spend a few months there every year. Many of the works in this show were completed in Spain over this winter. However, Ballyvaughan is my home, and I am firmly rooted here. I am so lucky also to have our four children and grandchildren, living close by. In this show, I have turned more towards the sea, which of course is a constant and powerful presence here on the Atlantic. However, I have also included some evocative sketches of the streets of Valparaiso, as well as my Spanish landscapes, and still life studies.”

April  2015

"A Personal Perspective", New paintings by Josephine Grant   view
"A Personal Perspective", New paintings by Josephine Grant

September  2014

Sarah Corner "Sky, Land, Sea"   view
"Sky, Land, Sea". Wildlife, Landscape and Seascape oil paintings by Sarah Corner

October  2013

New Paintings by Fergus Lyons   view
New Paintings by Fergus Lyons

September  2013

Patrick Cahill (Landmarks)   view
Boston, New York, Prague, Dublin - Landmarks by Patrick Cahill

December  2012

Selection of New Artworks for Christmas 2012   view
Selection of New Artworks for Christmas 2012

November  2012

New work by Trevor Geoghegan   view

October  2012

New works by Sarah Corner & Michael Flaherty   view
New works by Sarah Corner & Michael Flaherty

April  2012

Liam Jones (Solo Exhibition) 2012   view

Beautiful Land and Seascapes by one of Ireland's most talented artists

“Aerach” is a word that could describe his work. There is a wonderful sense of space in these paintings, a tranquillity where nothing is hurried. He moves effortlessly from the small detail, to wide panoramas. In doing so, shows us some iconic images along the Western coastline from Donegal to Kerry, the majority of the images in this collection reflect his motto, “Within the ordinary lies the extraordinary”. These land and seascapes have a timeless quality and are beautifully illuminated by the sun peeking through moving clouds, creating dramatic sky.

November  2011

Winter Exhibition 2011, Paintings, Original Prints and Sculpture.   view
Winter Exhibition 2011, Paintings, Original Prints and Sculpture.

September  2011

"Of Limestone Terraces & Olive Groves"   view
New Paintings by Manus Walsh

May  2011

Exhibition of new oil paintings by Patrick Cahill & Rick Bentham   view

Rick Bentham’s career has taken him from the exciting World of Hollywood Animation Studios USA to peaceful Co. Wicklow where he now lives and works from his studio and home. Rick is Irish/Canadian, a graduate of Film Animation, Vancouver College of Art, Canada – Class of 1977, and a Deans Honours Fine Art Program, University of Western Ontario,Canada 1971. He has worked on Stephen Spielberg’s “An American Tail” and 20th Century Fox’s “Anastasia” amongst many other films. In 1974 he received the Canada Council Grant for a series of paintings based on Canadian Indian Mythology. He is exhibiting immediate & sensitively painted studies of his family around the gardens and coastline near his studio and home.

Patrick Cahill has worked as a professional artist for over 30 years. This exhibition captures Dublin during the quiet winter period, just before spring, with rainy streets; watery winter sunshine casting its long shadows; terracotta coloured buildings catching the fading evening light. He finds inspiration in the Smithfield Horse Fair, Dublin, sketching & painting the mares, foals and ponies, the working horses their weary expressions and stances and also the characters involved in the fair.

April  2011

Interior Reflections   view
Josephine Grant is celebrating her 70th birthday with a solo exhibition in Kilcock Art Gallery. Josephine divides her time between Ireland and France, where she finds subjects which demonstrate the differing qualities of light and atmosphere. Painting in both watercolour and oils she captures with great effect natural light and strong sunlight passing through the windows of her homes, falling on polished floors and furniture, casting wonderful shadows on oriental carpets, ornate draped fabrics, detailing a cup and saucer, a pile of books and capturing a relaxed cat Finzi.. The same individual attention to light and shade is given to the terraces, gardens, flowers and landscape seen from her windows. She excels in her use of colour, tone and form, painting in intricate detail the minutia of each exact period detail. Josephine has shown her work in nine solo exhibitions in Ireland, Washington DC and Dallas, U.S.A., France, Mexico City and England. She has also shown in group exhibitions in New Zealand, Spain, and The Netherlands. Her work in the last few years has included commissions from the Hon. Desmond Guinness, painting interiors of his home at Leixlip Castle. Apart from painting, her interests include music, needlework, gardening, and her extended family - six sons and daughters and, to date, fifteen grandchildren including extras. She also enjoys giving parties at which she is likely to be found singing to her husband's accompaniment on the piano.

November  2010

"BIG VISION....small works"   view
A coming together of gallery artists and invited artists, this significant exhibition of 30x30 cm (small) artworks promises to be an extremely interesting and varied display of artistic talent. The exhibition will be a vast collection of sculpture; painting; drawing; collage; ceramics; stained-glass; textile; metal-work; and enamel-work. We are certain that the variety of artistic talent and ability on display, coupled with the excellent prices, will make for a very pleasurable and satisfying experience.

November  2010

"BIG VISION....small works"   view
A coming together of gallery artists and invited artists, this significant exhibition of 30x30 cm (small) artworks promises to be an extremely interesting and varied display of artistic talent. The exhibition will be a vast collection of sculpture; painting; drawing; collage; ceramics; stained-glass; textile; metal-work; and enamel-work. We are certain that the variety of artistic talent and ability on display, coupled with the excellent prices, will make for a very pleasurable and satisfying experience.

November  2010

"BIG VISION....small works"   view
A coming together of gallery artists and invited artists, this significant exhibition of 30x30 cm (small) artworks promises to be an extremely interesting and varied display of artistic talent. The exhibition will be a vast collection of sculpture; painting; drawing; collage; ceramics; stained-glass; textile; metal-work; and enamel-work. We are certain that the variety of artistic talent and ability on display, coupled with the excellent prices, will make for a very pleasurable and satisfying experience.

October  2010

"Memories, Dreams, Reflections".....Fergus Lyons at 60   view

All 27 paintings in the exhibition are based on the landscapes of the West of Ireland and the Characters in the Legends and Myths in Irish Mythology. Such as Sweeney at Lough Dagee, Manann Mac Lir and his Crane Bag, The Red woman and Finn and Sweeney, the mad King.

Mannan mac Lir (No.18 Manann, son of the Sea). A being of divine origin, a shape shifter and trickster and ruler of Emhain, a world beyond the sea. Emhain is a place of delight and beauty, of music and the arts, a land without grief, without sorrow, without death. Manann appears throughout all the mythology in different forms. As a blacksmith he makes a shield with the image of the ocean queen Tiabhal on it. It has great magical powers to protect. He gives a silver branch with white blossoms from Emhain to Bran and because of it's beauty Bran makes his way into that realm. (No26. “The silver bronch from Emhain”)

The Crane Bag- (No23. “The Crane Bag”) Mannan has a special bag made out of crane skin from which he draws all sorts of wonders. He is associated with the west of Ireland- Sligo,Keash, Lough Conn , where some of his hounds drowned - hence the name Lake of the Hounds. Lough Corrib was also named after Mannan- one of his names was Oirbsiu from which the word Corrib comes. The Red woman and Finn. (No.16 “The Red Woman & Finn”)This is a fragment of a story in which Finn meets a Red Woman (A Cailleach). She is chasing a strange creature. Finn and his companions end up chasing the creature across Ireland and into the Sligo mountain of Knocknaree (No25 “Knocknaree Table”)

Another King of the West was Sweeney who was condemned by an angry monk to wander, mad and naked throughout Ireland. Near Lough Gill, in county Sligo, Sweeney fought with a Cailleach, a wise woman, and both of them in their struggle transformed into geese. Where this happened, at the eastern end ofthe Ox mountains, there is to this day a lake called Loch Dagee (No 5. Lough Dagee), Lake of the Two Geese. In this landscape of mountains and lakes you could almost encounter Sweeny, spouting his poetry and flitting from treetop to treetop, restless as a bird.


Joseph Sloan Bronze Sculpture Musical and Conductor Series 2010   view
Joseph Sloan Bronze Sculpture Musical and Conductor Series 2010

July  2010

New Oil paintings of Jaen Andalucia by Noel Lewis   view
New Oil paintings of Jaen Andalucia by Noel Lewis

June  2010

New Screenprints by Aidan Flanaga   view

Original landscape Screenprints of scenes in Ireland, created and hand-printed using water-based screenprint materials on Fabriano Artistico HP watercolour paper. The subject currently ranges from Achill, Co. Mayo; Boyne valley, Newgrange, Tara, Rathoath, Dalgan Park, Boyne River, Co. Meath; Dunamaise, Co. Laoise; Renvyle, Connemara; Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry; Glen of Imaal, Blessington, Co. Wicklow; Malahide, Co. Dublin; Prices start at 100 euros

May  2010

"Winter's Frozen Lipstick"   view

Opening on Saturday May 22rd -- Preview Reception 3pm - 5pm . Continuing daily until June 12th "SNOW" Oil paintings by Kerry artist MICHAEL FLAHERTY

"This exhibition began last year when Michael had heavy snowfalls in Kerry - an unusual event down there. While the mountaintops - The Conor Pass on one side and the Stradbally and Brandon Mountains on his other side, are often white in winter.....to have snow down to the sea on the Dingle Peninsula has not happened since he was a child.

The snow didn't last long. He made a small number of drawings and paintings and then put them aside. Then, the snow in January revived his interest in this theme. Luckily, the days following the snowfall were calm with brilliant sunshine, which is why the imagery has a clarity and lightness, and instead of an oppressive coldness, the subtle play of light and shadow was something that immediately suggested itself to Michael. Because the mountains and sea are so close together, the uniformity of colour made the compositions easier than usual to realize.

Michael really enjoyed working on these pictures, and it shows, especially at a time of year which is often dull, wet and windy in Kerry. To struggle to get an energy at all into what he is doing is the norm. We feel that these wonderfully bright, energy full paintings, are exactly what we need here to activate a feeling of joy and positivity.

Michael lives on the Dingle Peninsula at the foot of the Conor Pass, between the Brandon and Stradbally Mountains. " Breda Smyth, Kilcock Art Gallery

April  2010

"Renewal - New Beginnings" By Trevor Geoghegan   view

Opening on Sunday April 18th - Preview Reception 3pm - 5pm and continuing daily until 8th May ”Renewal - New Beginnings" BY TREVOR GEOGHEGAN

An Exhibition of still life and landscapes - drawings, watercolours and Oils on paper and panel Trevor's new work has an exciting quality of renewal with a palette which is colourful and light. We are delighted to bring this new exhibition by an artist who has a great following and has shown continuously with the gallery for the last 33 years.

April  2010

Life Drawing Workshop Sunday 11th April 2010

Life Drawing Workshop Sunday 11th April 2010

Due to unprecedented demand we are pleased to confirm that artist Michael Rowley will facilitate an extended series of one day Life Drawing Workshops at the Kilcock Art Gallery.

We are proud to announce that this will be the first such artist/gallery initiative outside Dublin and the only such venue in Kildare where students may be taught the traditional artists' skill of drawing and painting the nude model from life. All specialised equipment will be available on the day and all of the models are the best professionals available. Michael Rowley is a much sought after Life Drawing teacher where his dynamic style has been highly regarded at University College Dublin since 2004 where he initiated their Life Drawing course.

The focus of the initial workshop will be to explore the possibilities of line in drawing the human figure in a series of dramatic energetic poses of various durations. Pencil and fine line pens will be the focus of the workshop.

The fee for this 5 hour workshop is €60 per person.

For further information please contact:

  • Michael Rowley on +353 (0)87 753 4986 or by email rowleymj@tcd.ie
  • Breda Smyth at Kilcock Art Gallery on +353 (0)1 628 7619 or by email info@kilcockartgallery.ie
  • Sunday 11th April
  • Sunday 16th May
  • Sunday 13th June
  • Sunday 18th July
  • Sunday 15th August


2010 Group Exhibition by Gallery Artists   view
2010 Group Exhibition by Gallery Artists

Autumn  2009

New original prints by David DuBose
New original prints by internationally renowned artist David DuBose

November  2009

Liam Jones 2009   view

Liam Jones is a uniquely talented artist who, for over a quarter of a century has captured on canvas the feel and the beauty of special places in the Irish countryside. Horses in sand dunes in Ballyconneely, Connemara ponies near the 12 Bens and Dogs Bay, rolling hills in Wicklow and misted Mountains in Kerry. Stormy sea scenes off the Achill coast and moody skies of summer near Baltimore.

“In my paintings I try to capture the expanse and majesty of the landscape. This I endeavour to do by the use of light moving across the landscape creating space and atmosphere. In this exhibition in Kilcock I have chosen vistas from around the Country to illustrate my vision of the landscape. If I can, even in a small way transport the viewer to the locations and experience what I experienced on first seeing these views, then I regard my endeavours as a success.” Liam Jones

September  2009

Michael Gemmell 2009   view
Michael Gemmell connects with paper and paint using mind and memory. He explores the Bogs, the Burren and the Islands in most of his work . He can only give an impression and an inner glimpse of the absolute hidden ancient beauty in this kind of landscape. Colour and texture in these paintings using simple materials, is enough to capture the scene, and so achieve a delicate balance of abstract and representational imagery through hues of colour, tone and form. He expresses a spiritual peace in these landscape settings that are common to most of his work.

July - August  2009

Summer Exhibition of Gallery Artists 2009   view
Summer Exhibition of Gallery Artists 2009

May  2009

New Work by Rick Bentham   view

Rick Bentham:  From the exciting world of the animation studios in Hollywood U.S.A. to the peaceful tranquility of county Wicklow where he now lives; this is the route that Rick Bentham has taken in his career as a professional artist. Rick is an Irish Canadian. He graduated from Vancouver College of Art in 1977. He has worked on films produced by the renowned Hollywood director Stephen Spielberg and on such animated films as “Anastasia” for 20th Century Fox and “An American Tail”. Rick received the Canada Council Award for his series of paintings based on Canadian Indian Mythology. An exhibition of his paintings was exhibited in Madison Square Gardens, New York USA in 1982.
His paintings are inspired by the Irish countryside and coastline and the myriad of work and play activities associated with Irish country life. His wife and young family appear as a constant theme in his work. These paintings are immediate and sensitively painted.

Spring  2009

Life Studies 2009   view

Angela Maximova specialises in life paintings, portraits, animal portraits, flowers and still life. She was born in southern Russia in 1966 and studied in Moscow College for Art. From 1991 onwards working in Industrial and Interior Design and exhibiting in Galleries such as the MARS Gallery in Moscow, In London Angela was well knows for her beautiful crafted Faberge style eggs and elegantly painted boxes with flowers, still-life and landscapes subjects. She enjoys taking commissions through the Kilcock Art Gallery.

Judith Henihan likes to suspend the human form with no background on either paper or canvas. She feel this helps to emphasize the sculptural quality and the sense of dimension, which she tries to explore. She also specialises in portraits and has been commissioned by the OPW to paint portraits of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, C.J.O’Brien Fitzgerald and Michael Hayes. Her work is in many public and private collections.

Patrick Cahill's Spring 2009 collection of “Life Studies” includes 13 new male and female life studies. These magnificent life studies have been completed in red chalk and watercolour.

December  2008

Christmas Group Show 2008   view
Winter Exhibition presenting new work by a selection of the gallery's artists

December  2008

Manus Walsh 2008   view
Winter Exhibition (New work by Manus Walsh)

Manus Walsh 2008 - Although the Burren will feature very strongly in this exhibition, it will also include a variety of work influenced by his travels and also some lively and colourful still-life work.

November  2008

John Behan RHA / Mary Rohan 2008   view

Sculpture by John Behan RHA - New work in bronze by the internationally acclaimed Irish sculptor.  This exhibition not only celebrates the new work in bronze by John Behan RHA, but also coincides with John’s 70th birthday and our 30th year in business here in Kilcock.  “We would like to wish John a very happy birthday and many more years of success!” Breda Smyth & Carina Smyth Nov 2008

Still Life and Shoreline Paintings by Mary Rohan - "What I hope to achieve in my paintings, is focus, clarity and attention to detail and also a sense of the transient where the ordinary becomes dreamlike." Mary Rohan 2008

October  2008

Paul Guilfoyle 2008   view

“This show is a mix of memory and reality where time and the mind have stripped away the irrelevant things which can obscure landscape. When I think back on walks in the West, some scenes are vividly stored in my memory and much is lost, discarded. What intrigues is the effect of light. An ordinary scene is transformed and lifted to a higher level by a single shaft of sunlight. Colours burn in the light and make the unlit parts retreat into cool and sombre tones. What I do here is to impose and develop conditions of weather and the effect of light on mountains, rivers, trees and rock and this has made the act of painting a more rewarding and creative process.” Paul Guilfoyle Oct. 2008

September  2008

Mike Bernard 2008   view
New work by Mike Bernard - Mike Bernard's studio overlooks Clew Bay, Co. Mayo. He says..“ It is not possible to live here without being absorbed into the land and seascape. It glares at you and demands to be noticed”

July - August  2008

Summer Exhibition of Gallery Artists 2008   view
Summer Exhibition of Gallery Artists 2008

June  2008

Dominique Van den Broeck / Fiona Smith Darragh 2008   view

New work in bronze by Fiona Smith Darragh - Fiona's inspiration comes from her love of Irish wildlife and her great interest in horses. She is exhibiting 20 cast bronzes - Irish native birds, stylised Horse and Heron, Antarctic penguins etc. Her work is represented in collections around the world.

"Reminiscences", Oil paintings by Dominique Van den Broeck - Dominique's paintings are delicate studies of children, farm animals and birds, reminiscences of her childhood near Boulogne-sur-mer in Northern France. She has exhibited in France, Denmark, and Belgium. She now lives and works from her studio in Paris. Her paintings have sold worldwide.

May  2008

Michael Flaherty 2008
New oil paintings by Michael Flaherty - Michael Flaherty recreates in oils the wildness and vigour of the rugged mountains and seas of his native County Kerry. "His fearless visual mastery of the country's wilder outcrops confirms his unique and constant place among Ireland's outstanding artists." Maura Logue. County Donegal Arts Officer

April  2008

"The Magic of the Familiar" - Trevor Geoghegan 2008   view
(A Continuing Exploration of the effects of light in Landscape & Still Life) An exhibition of new work by Trevor Geoghegan. “It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see” Anais Nin

March  2008

"An Interior View" - Josephine Grant 2008   view
"An Interior View" - New paintings by Josephine Grant

December  2007

Christmas Show 2007   view

November  2007

Carl Jones November 2007   view
New work by Carl Jones

October  2007

Judith Henihan October 2007   view
New work by Judith Henihan

June - August  2007

Summer Exhibition 2007   view

May  2007

Rick Bentham May 2007   view
New work by Rick Bentham

March  2007

Mike Fitzharris / Bob Quinn March 2007   view
New work by Mike Fitzharris and Bob Quinn

February  2007

Liam Jones February 2007   view
New work by Liam Jones

December  2006

Christmas Exhibition 2006   view

November  2006

Phoebe Cope November 2006   view
New work by Phoebe Cope

October  2006

Fergus Lyons October 2006   view
"Sky on Water"

October  2006

Fergal Flanagan October 2006   view
"Ricepaper" Paintings of Thailand & Laos by Fergal Flanagan

September  2006

Michael Gemmell September 2006   view
New work by Michael Gemmell

July  2006

Summer Select Group Exhibition 2006   view

May  2006

Trevor Geoghegan May 2006   view
"New Directions" by Trevor Geoghegan

April  2006

Michael Flaherty November 2006
New Paintings by Michael Flaherty

March  2006

Manus Walsh March 2006   view
New Paintings by Manus Walsh

December  2005

Winter Group Exhibition of Gallery Artists   view

November  2005

Michael Rowley / Frank Hallinan Flood November 2005   view
Michael Rowley - New oil paintings in heavy impasto style of Kildare, Wicklow and Sligo. Michael is a full time artist, teaching and working from his studio in the Curragh, Co. Kildare. Frank Hallinan Flood - New landscape paintings of Ronda, Spain and Ireland. Frank has worked as a set and film designer and artist for over 20 years. Working with the Abbey Theatre and other theatrical groups including Riverdance.

October  2005

Josephine Grant October 2005   view
Paintings of the interiors of beautiful homes and gardens in Paris and Ireland.

September  2005

Anna Marie Leavy "The Miracle of Colour" Sept 2005   view
Vibrant and colourful watercolours and oils of the wild flowers and hedgerows of Ireland.

July - August  2005

Summer Select Group Exhibition 2005   view

May  2005

Group Show May 2005 - Elizabeth Cope, Phoebe Cope, Ana Duncan, Therese McAllister   view
New paintings and sculpture by four female artists - Paintings by Elizabeth Cope and her daughter Phoebe; Still life by Therese McAllister; Sculpture by Ana Duncan.

April  2005

Eithne Ryan April 2005   view
Her works are spontaneous and lyrical compositions. She is attentive to the seasons; the weather; the feeling of the place. Many of the paintings are the result of a journey taken by the artist in the last year throughout South East Asia along with paintings of landscape and seascape around the Irish coastline.

March  2005

Rick Bentham (Solo Exhibition) March 2005
Oil paintings inspired by the beauty of Co Wicklow. He paints the Irish coastline and the people who engage in a myriad of work and play activities along this shoreline. His wife and children appear constantly in this work. These paintings are immediate and sensitively painted indicating an engagement with the subject matter way beyond passive observation.

December  2004

Gallery annual Christmas Show December 2004   view

Kilcock Art Gallery

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